Customer care person said he will reach back to me but left me on seen (probably) :(

Yesterday, at around 12pm, i was having a chat with the customer care regarding the reward system since i had some doubts to clear up. They cleared it and then i asked about the debit card design, like- which design i will be getting (since the website shows the new design and there is an unboxing vid of it but no official announcements), they said that they don’t have the information currently, and will reach out to me again very soon. But they haven’t replied back, or closed the chat. I feel like a highschooler again :((

@monologuing Hey! There’s no official update on when the new card design will be live.
Though, there’s a thread talking about it - Revamped Debit Card design

If there’s any new update, it should be shared over there.

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Well, there is a yt vid unboxing the new design

here. I got confused about which design ima get, so i asked