Custom ROM support

Hey there,
I’m a heavy user of Jupiter and never miss a pro. But I’m always fond of using custom ROMs in my device.

I don’t root the phone and I do pass safetynet basic all time. All my UPI apps work except the jupiter. I don’t know why jupiter is restricting the usage of the application and having such tight issues.

Because of that I have no choice but to discontinue use of the app.


Hi Harsha, I have DMed you.

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I too face this issue even though the phone is not rooted. All other upi apps work fine.

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I have tried using Jupiter in a unrooted custom rom. Working fine in crdroid android 13/xiaomi rolex.

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i have tried with evolution x it’s working fine for me make sure that gapps are installed on your phone

Doesn’t Google Pay restrict rooted users? My information maybe outdated.

So is this issue sorted out?

Also #IMHO nowadays the need for a root has come down. I used to be rooted on my Samsung Note and OnePlus One. But now not so much as the official updates are better and the need for the latest and greatest OS is also gone - Android versions only have incremental updates as the OS has become stable now.

But ultimately it’s good to know that Jupiter has this high security.

This is due to QPR update by Google in latest security patch…(Due to which safety net is gone )…Update your ROM version with August security updates…It is now fixed…btw I am using Project Elixir ROM

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