Credit Card bill generating issue

The statement of my BOB Credit Card is more than 1,00,000 and i have paid Rs.250 to BOB card on 21st July through Jupiter and i got instantly message drom BOB. Unfortunately further payments to this card is not possible through Jupiter and showing me as “This bill is already paid”.


I guess it’s not a bug because I faced similar issues paying my bob/kotak cc bill payment via Jupiter.
As per customer support (whom i spoke a few months ago) bill payment via BBPS can be done only once per card (kotak/bob) bill generation.

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I have a question @Satyajit_Singh, @DigitaL ,
Can we pay the Total amount due in small multiple transactions or it needs to be one single transaction of the TAD, before the due date of course.


Yes, you can pay total due amount in a single or multiple transactions within due date.

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