Concern around POTS

Hi Team,
I have and had pots balance in 6 digits and you haven’t solved my issue till now which has been 6 days.
If this is not solved by Monday (25-03-2024)first half then I am withdrawing all my remaining money and closing my account.
I hope you won’t bring me to such a situation…

Hello Raghavendar,

We hear your concern. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused. We are connecting with you via DM to assist you further. Thank you.

Still not resolved. How much longer to get access to my money? :rage:

Hello Sourav,

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Your concern is important to us, and we’ll be reaching out to you via DM to address it promptly. Thank you.

Hello Subhajit,

We deeply regret the inconvenience caused. We assure you that your concern is not ignored. Our team is also in touch with you via mail. All the updates will be shared with you proactively via mail. We request your kind patience and understanding in the interim.

The best part is that now I received a mail saying that my issue is resolved but still noting has happened.
One of my Pots is completely inaccessible.
I even gave them my contact number to call but not yet received a call.
This is becoming very unprofessional.

Hello Raghavendar,

Thank you for connecting with us on the call today. We once again apologise for the inconvenience caused. We shall proactively keep you updated on the DM as discussed.

In addition to the concerns posted by others there seems to be an issue with pots displaying various withdrawals and deposit transactions. This is very important issue. Request if this could be addressed at the earliest.

Also I am facing a similar issue of my a specific post balance showing no amount. Flagged it for the customer service but the resolution time given is about six days. This is counter productive @Shawnpinto If the app has to standout you can’t take so Long for resolution. The need to update the app should not override the requirement of the app to meet all its basic functional criteria. Any way kindly help us with a quick resolution.

Hello Stalin,

We hear your concern. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused. We are connecting with you via DM to assist you further.

Thank you.

My fund was deducted from pots and eventually it was credited but it was short of Rs. 59. Also the quarterly interest has still not got credited in the Interest Pot. it’s still showing “we will update shortly”. @Bhoomika_Gowda @safwan.ahmed . Even the pot transactions from Mar 1 to Mar 14 is not available in the pot transaction history. I mailed but it was closed although after I missed the call I immediately mailed as it was mentioned , so that the ticket doesn’t get closed. Now, what am I suppose to do? It’s been over 10 days. What is happening? This very bad customer service.

Hello Tunir,

We hear your concern. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused. We are connecting with you via DM to assist you further. Thank you.

Hello Tunir,

We are happy to see that the issue has been resolved. Please feel free to get back to us via DM if you have any further issues. Thank you.

So let me understand this. In case of issues with pots, it will be resolved only if the customer knows of the issue (money missing/calculation wrong,etc). Otherwise the money will slip through the cracks? The system is not designed to avoid this issue or correct this issue automatically.

Close the account and be at peace!!
I have done mine already.

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Exactly my concern.

I noticed 10K duplicate withdrawal. What if there were others I missed?

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Hi All,
Here is my update on my Pots issue.

After a lot of followups I got a call from Jupiter and we spoke few things about Pots issue.

What was the issue?
One of my Pots had a withdrawal early in the morning and the balance was showing as 0

What did I find out?
I received a credit from Jupiter to my another Pot which was not same as my problematic Pots amount.
As suggested by Jupiter team, I downloaded my Federal bank account statement (Pots one) and verified the entries. All the entries were proper but the total was not matching with what was shown on the Pots page.
I did an analysis and found out that ‘Superpots’ was not shown on the accounts statement. During my call with the Jupiter team, they had confirmed that it wont be shown as it is considered as a Savings deposit. This was a news to me.
They also told me that there was an error in matching the entries when we make a Pots deposit or withdrawal in account. My contention here was that you can’t give a credit to another Pot whereas a wrong debit happened in some other Pot. Eventhough the entire Pots is treated as 1 account, we make compartments and that’s the USP on which this can’t be done.They said this won’t happen from hereon.

Suggestions from my end:
It would have been great if an banner announcement made regarding Pots issue similar to how Paytm did in their app.
Clear statement about Superpots that it will not be shown in account statement.

My Actions:
I had a huge savings in Pots and I withdrew bulk of it immediately. There is a trust deficit here and I may save again when my trust builds.
I am not closing my account as I have a lot of positives and would like to give the team a chance to rectify the technical bugs.