Fixing money in and money out system

I just faced a glitch and I don’t want any other jupiter users to face it, so the problem is when I deposit money in any pot it shows me money debited (which is right) but it shows that in money out system and it shouldn’t because it can still be withdrawn back from pot to account but then money in system also face same thing, although this sounds like it is not a big deal but it is if you see the money in and money out it is wayyy more than money deposited or debited (it also gives a small heart attack​:slightly_smiling_face::+1:) mail me back if you don’t understand the problem I will tell you the steps and then you can see it and fix it.
(I love jupiter app and I am have become a free promoter of your app ever since I used it and the debit card features spices it up. #LOVEJUPITER :relaxed::+1:)

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