(Completed) Lab test #3 - Investments on Jupiter (Early release)💰

Can we move the direct mutual funds we have on other apps to Jupiter ? Eg. Instead of paying SIP through Kuvera we pay through Jupiter ?

We are getting this checked, why the email ID is blank. We are registering the investment account with the email ID provided in the Jupiter bank account.


I have a different email ID with my mutual funds, can it be possible to pick the email ID we want to use ?

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You don’t need to open a Demat account to invest in mutual funds. And we are not opening any new Demat account for mutual funds investing. Your account will be linked with your email ID updated on Jupiter.

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To change the Jupiter account email ID is still a WIP and not live yet. It’s going to be a bloodbath if the MF team implement it here before the primary app. JK :sweat_smile:

Agree :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Currently, we are not allowing this and using the email IDs that are provided in the Jupiter bank account.

You can stop your SIPs on Kuvera and start the SIPs in the same funds on Jupiter. Currently, you can track all your mutual fund investments on Jupiter. Though, you will not able to transact in them.

Ok, thanks for the clarification however I received the following mail after registering on Jupiter MF.

Could you let me know what this is for if not for Demat?

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Hi Jitender,

I have an open ticket with your chat support for tracking existing investments. Can you please check why it only shows Total investment and not the fund details?. For few weeks it is saying, failed to fetch details.
Chat support says it is with the product team. But it’s been more than 3-4 weeks now.

@Rahul.Sharma Lemme help you out with this :slight_smile:

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Hi Vibhor! This is just us checking your KYC status for investing in mutual funds. The CVL KRA database is available to all market intermediaries through which you transact in mutual funds, not necessarily linked to demat accounts.

For tracking existing investments, you can see the total investment and the list of funds with the current value. Currently, the fund cards are not clickable which means you can’t see the fund details.

This is how it is showing for me.
No cards.

++ @Shawnpinto

Thanks for the reply !

If there’s a different email ID associated with the Jupiter SIP for the same MF, won’t I end up having two different accounts with the same fund when I stop SIP on the other app and start on Jupiter ?

In the investments Tab, I see "Earn 1.5 % higher returns on Jupiter " , How does this work ?

That’s correct.
But if Jupiter can show consolidated funds with internal and external investments in the same fund together would solve it.
Asset Plus does it.

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There are two types of Mutual Funds…Regular Funds which you purchase through an agent, pay commission and other is Direct Funds that Jupiter is providing, no commission.
This way you save on commissions here. Actually most of the modern apps now provide Direct Funds like Groww, Zerodha, Paytm Money etc

Gotcha ! :+1:

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F & O Intarday…?

Nifty 50 and bank nifty.

Brokerage charge…?