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I mean the number linked with jupiter should be Aadhar linked? Just like me. Although he has aadhar linked number but that’s his mother number.

Correct, the number linked with Jupiter should be linked to Aadhar

Thats alright I think if the number was acquired using someone else’s details within family.
But he should be using that number.

Hi @Krishnendu_Chowdhury,
We have just gone live with the Daily/Weekly SIP collection. You can see the top 10 funds, sorted based on 3-year returns, in which you can set daily/weekly SIPs.
Now choose your favourite day of the week and start weekly SIP. You don’t have to set 4 monthly SIPs of different dates to invest every week.

Here is the link

Please do share feedback.


@Jitender_Singh Will there be an option to shift some of the existing SIPs that have been set up on different dates of the month or are these applicable for the new SIPs only?

@Jitender_Singh Here are some initial observations -

  1. The availability of the weekly or daily SIP option is inconsistent across fund categories. What I mean is for Funds Listed under Daily/Weekly SIP, the option to start daily and weekly SIPs is available for all the funds. However, for the funds listed under Top 100 Companies, the option is available for Nippon India Large Cap Fund and HDFC Top 100 fund.
  2. That’s the same case with funds listed under low-cost index funds. The daily/weekly option is not available for Bandhan Nifty 50 and UTI Nifty 50 but is available for HDFC Index Fund Nifty 50.
  3. Tested this for funds not listed in the collections tab. tried Navi Nifty 50 Fund. Here the daily/weekly option is available. I already have existing SIPs in this fund with active folio number. However, after choosing the weekly option, it does not show an option to choose the existing folio number. The only option I see is to choose the SIP amount and day of the week and then confirm the order. I did not move ahead as I did not want to create a new folio number.
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Hi @yagnesh01
Thanks for the feedback.

  • Not all funds allow daily/weekly SIPs. That’s why we have created a daily/weekly SIP collection so that users can easily explore the funds in which daily/weekly SIPs are allowed. This collection currently shows the top 10 funds based on 3-year returns. Based on the feedback we can decide to show more funds.
  • We will show daily/weekly tags on the fund cards in collections so that users can easily identify funds that allow daily/weekly SIPs.
  • We don’t create a new folio, like most platforms, if we already have a folio (created via Jupiter). So, don’t worry, we will not create new folios for new SIPs.
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Modify functionality is going live this month where in users can pause and modify the SIPs. Users will be able to change the date and amount of the SIPs. But, changing the frequency is challenging, we are exploring the feasibility.


Hi Jitender,

Is it possible to create daily SIPs such that it is daily but skips all market holidays ( including weekends and national holidays ) ?

Community can now be opened directly in app

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I think there is a problem in pro tab with upgrade to salary account & secure your pro status buttons
Secure your pro button. It (secure your pro status button) could be fixed statically in pro benefits block. Both are overlapping each other currently on swiping down

Good catch :clap:t2: :clap:t2:
Yes, the Secure Your Pro Status Button and Upgrade to Salary Account buttons are overlapping while swiping down.

Video Reference:

Can anyone share me the details of 10k fixed deposit offers you 50 rs on next Debit card spent offer full details ? And their t and c.

Jupiter not showing anything, but when i create fixed deposit it’s showing that

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Here you go

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Oh… Jewels will be credited on 15th

Debit card transactions should happen before 14th July to eligible.

@Abhinav_Goyal to initiate the account opening, an aadhar OTP based verification is needed. And hence the number should be linked to Aadhar.

Already 6 months have passed. :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: Time flies :slight_smile:

@Devansh_Bartwal It feels like it’s February :sweat_smile:

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It has to be. Else how will one complete the the Aadhar based KYC?