Community custom emojis are here!

It’s finally hear… FINALLY! :tick:

Oh? Would you look at that. The emoji is animated?! :party_parrot:

So how do you access the custom emojis?
Click on the emoji icon when you’re posting/replying :typing_bot:

Have a look at the emoji categories on your left. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see the custom emoji category.

Oh and, there’s plenty of room for more emojis. Feel free to recommend some. :ideas:
We will add them to the repository if its worthy! - Random Thor mode :hammer:

Enjoy folks~


:jupiter: :edge: :ideas: :ideas: :credit_card: :credit_card: :credit_card: :stars: :stars: :stars:

nice :space_thumb: :space_thumb: :space_thumb:

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Yaaayyyy, I like emojis :hyper_wave: :hyper_wave: :hyper_wave: :hyper_wave: :hyper_wave:

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Same! @BeingIncog :party_parrot:
Recommend some!

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Will do, sure. :cool_doge:

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Adding on, we now have custom reactions.
We have 5 for now. Can be editable :party_parrot:

Desktop - Just hover on the reaction icon and you will see the options.
Mobile - Long press the reaction icon.

Note: If you’re reacting a particular topic/comment, and the owner had seen it, you won’t be able to change/remove the reaction. However, you can edit and react as many no. of times before the owner looks at it.

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Wow. Nice upgrade :confetti: