Emoji bug for Community profile names

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to bring something to your attention that I have noticed recently. I’ve noticed that the animated confetti emoji next to my name is not showing up anymore. Also, it seems to be missing from community emoji section.

I’ve checked a few other users and it seems like this is a widespread issue and not just affecting me.

I’m not sure why these emoji are missing, but I thought I’d reach out to the community to see if anyone else has noticed this. Perhaps it’s a technical glitch that the platform is currently experiencing.



Priyanka, thank you for pointing this out. I also observed this and thought this must be due to a browser issue.

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I observed this problem yesterday itself but did not inform the community since I assumed it was a temporary technical glitch and not a significant one. Nonetheless, thank you for bringing it to my attention.


Also, while checking, I believe the emoji you are referring to is now unavailable in the emoji section.

@razack Is right.
Those emoji aren’t available anymore.

If you’ve used the emojis that aren’t in the list, it would show up in text format.

To fix this, you would need to use another one if you’d like :v:


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