Have you tried out WhatsApp's new reactions? 🤔

They finallllly released this! :pleading_face:

How often do you use it? Should we have emojis in our in app chat? :eyes:
Definitely need the classic thumbs up for sure.


I like every feature that helps me express more visually in a virtual space. So, I welcome this feature add. Too late though.

PS: If you’re on Android and want early access to WhatsApp Reactions, install the beta version

Oh, I’m on the actual play store version. Just got access to it recently :grin:
Not on Beta or anything.

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Our Telegram already had this😌


I’m more excited about the file shares that are up to 2GB in size, a massive jump from the previous 100MB limit :partying_face:


Yes, please. The basic emojis for sure :+1:


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Yup. Telegram already had it.
Surprised to see WhatsApp bring it now :thinking:


But the storage is not completely cloud based. I rely on 1.5gb/day data packs… So if i want to forward something big to another whatsapp user. I still have to download and then upload :smiling_face_with_tear:.

It would be a good feature to have emogi reactions in this community :zap:.

they’re following Jupiter like timings for adding basic features :joy::joy: