Clipboard copy on iOS

@Jiten @sneh.baxi Just noticed that Bullet app is pasting from clipboard on iOS automatically. Don’t know why but looks like a possible bug.

How did you get access to iOS app? I’m sick & tired of asking when it lands… :unamused:

It’s Bullet UPI Spend Now Pay Later

It’s not Jupiter.

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It’s a natural iOS behavior. If something is in the clipboard, iOS shows it on app opening.
PS: Can you pour in some more details if we are missing on something

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The thing I have observed is that Bullet app tends to copy from the clipboard. From a functional standpoint, bullet opens on a QR scanning page , so copying from clipboard isn’t something it needs. So it feels like a bug.

Also from privacy standpoint, if I tend to copy some sensitive info to the clipboard and mistakenly launch the app, it fetches my clipboard data.

Not every app fetches iOS clipboard by default, so it looks like a possible bug.

@sneh.baxi @Jiten

I am receiving a lot of unwanted messages from this community. Every discussion etc is going to my email. It’s getting too much.


Please see the above screenshot, it says i wil receive notifications because i created this topic. When did i create this topic? I am nowhere on this thread before this messge.

Please resolve the website settings, it’s getting annoying.
Else I would have to delete my account.

Hey @rupeshmandal ,

Will check this.

In the meanwhile, you can switch the “Watching” status to “Muted”. This should resolve the issue for you. Let us know if it doesn’t solve the issue for you.

@sahil-sorathiya Why will I have to manually do for each topic. I never put it to my watchlist at the first place.

See the amount of emails I am getting from this community.

I am tired of manually removing myself from the watchlist from all the discussion threads which I didn’t start nor did I subscribe to watch them. How am I getting so many unwanted messages?

Noted. Getting this checked. Shouldn’t happen. Apologies for the inconvenience. Usually its manually opt in rather than manually opting out.

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