Category of Transaction

Category of Transaction is changing for same payee on multiple transaction.

Once category of transaction is manually changes by the user, then it should remain same for different transaction for same payee. Otherwise expense tracking becomes useless.


Hey @kiranhotkar
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Could you share such instances with us?

  1. What was the original category assigned?
  2. What was your selection?
  3. How many times did you have to manually change it for the same payee?

Happens with me as well… seems there is no smart algo for insights working :thinking:

  1. Original category is “Health…”
  2. Manually changed to “Dining out”
  3. Almost all the time, i have manually changed.

@kiranhotkar Those are 2 polar opposites! :face_with_spiral_eyes:
Let’s get this checked, shall we? I’d need to know additional details. Lemme ping you privately.

This is not a bug! It’s more like feature optimization. We have it on our roadmap, we will pick it up soon.
The app should identify users’ selections and remember them for the next transactions.


Any update on when it will be fixed?
Because without this… expense tracking in Jupiter is futile.

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