Expense Category isn't Working for Rupay Credit Card Payments

Not sure if anyone else faced this issue or not, but I am facing issue with the expense tracking when a upi payment is done via rupay credit card.
Please refer below for the issue I am facing -

  1. Made a payment in ‘Medical Expenses’ category via Rupay CC, let’s say 100 rs to ‘ABC Pharma’.
  2. Above transaction is reflecting correct category in Money → This Month → Spends Breakdown → Transactions
  3. But above transaction is NOT reflecting in Money → This Month → Spends Breakdown → Categories. It seems this transaction never happened.

This is happening only for the payments done via Rupay Credit Card. All payments done from Jupiter Debit Card or any other debit card is reflecting fine.

@ankitiitgs Nice to see you back :v:t2:
Yet to do a transaction via Rupay CC.
But after following the above-mentioned steps, I too found something with an expense category:

  1. Made a Jio Recharge in Bills & Utilities’ category via Jupiter account balance.
  2. The above transaction reflects correctly in Money → This Month → Spends Breakdown → Transactions
  3. But the above transaction is NOT reflected in Money → This Month → Spends Breakdown → Categories. (The recharge was done on the 8th, but another bill paid on the 7th is correctly reflected under both the ‘Transactions’ and ‘Categories’ )

So, I can confirm it’s some common bug and not specific to payment via Rupay CC.
Hope, others too can confirm the same.

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Thank you. I really like to use Jupiter to full potential but it’s disheartening to see the features not working fully. Hope the team resolves this issue asap.


@ankitiitgs - since this is an external credit card to Jupiter, we allow you to use Jupiter as a platform only for payments, hence it shows up under transactions. You might be using other platforms too to make transactions from this card.

Spend breakdown and related aggregations are only supported for transactions done using the Jupiter savings account and/or debit card, Jupiter credit card, or a linked savings account on Jupiter.

We’re working on extending this to the above cases as well, and provide a holistic spends aggregation to a user - will keep you posted on the updates!


Thanks for flagging this @razack - sounds like a bug. Will get the team looking into it!
Could you share your phone number and email id [that you use on the Jupiter app] with me - That will help us debug better.

Could you also verify if you accidentally tagged this transaction as a “Self-transfer” - in this scenario it will get grouped under “Excluded from spends” as a category.


Thanks for your prompt consideration @Simranjit_Bakshi ma’am.

No, it was categorized under 'bills and utilities
Attaching the images for your reference

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