Categories and tags should be improved

Categorisation Problem:
A lot of obvious categories are missing as choices, for example:

  • Investments
  • Refund

Tags problem:
My tags have grown to a large number since there’s no search option while trying to tag

Tags and categories should also have rulesets one can define to make auto-tagging/auto-categorising easy.

ML/AI-based tagging would be :fire:

So add:

  • Search for tags
  • Rules for tags/categories
  • AI/ML-based categorisation and tagging
  • More useful categories

Additional suggestions:
Self-transfer shouldn’t show up in balances - withdrawal from pots for example is not an income.


Hey Chris,

Thanks for all the great suggestions.

We are in the process of

  1. adding more useful categories on the spending insights, and
  2. working to remove self-transfers & other such categories from spends & income view

On the other points related to tags, we will surely work on improving the experience & refer to your suggestions.


Hi, Is there an update on this. Please set our expectations

Hey @gomchikbhoka

Welcome to the Community :wave:t3:
In the meantime, could you let us know what categories you’d like to have?
I’m guessing tags didn’t help much. Could you let us know why?


tags didn’t help because

  • there’s no search option for tags.
  • tags can’t contain spaces or any special characters

This is a valid use case @gomchikbhoka :grinning:
We will plan to solve this.

A search bar or a different method to find tags under insights should be the way.


Also, We need an option to export all the transactions in excel format (with transaction’s description, category, tags) so that we have option to write processors over it for reporting in the way which we want. When we see Jupiter lagging in basic functionalities like exporting in excel, it becomes an onboarding issue for you (Because we have to think 100 times that should we rely on Jupiter to act as our banking/expense tracking/money management app) I have been analysing Jupiter from past 20 days and exploring all the features and comparing it with other alternatives. Still I am not able to find any solution which is exhaustive or flexible enough.

For categorisation and reporting, please explore MoneyWiz. They provide much more functionalities in comparison to what Jupiter provides. But again I am not able to use that solely as well because they don’t provide “proactive categorisation / live categorisation” as Jupiter provides.

Jupiter doesn’t even provide integration with account aggregators as FIP so that I could use some hybrid model.

P.S: I had planned to track all my expenses from 1 Jan 2023 and had decided to fix an executable framework for that before that but it’s a sorry state as of now that there doesn’t exist a way for that because of non exhaustiveness of all the platforms and infeasibility of any practical hybrid model as well.


@Shawnpinto The new app update took away the tagging feature. We are not able to see the expenses using the tags like before now even though we can tag them. Please look into this.

Also I feel there should be a toggle or an option to choose if we want to mark a spend as a spend to be included for calculating our spends sometimes it might just be a transaction done on behalf of someone else and they will pay it back so technically not a spend. Also in the case of refunds or reimbursements there should be an option to link them with a particular spend manually or automatically by matching the similar amount having both options would be great.


@Shawnpinto please consider this if it’s possible

This is a good idea! @arp4na @Simranjit_Bakshi Check this out :eyes:

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Thanks @Shawnpinto hope it helps make the expense tracking and management more useful

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