Categories and tags should be improved

Categorisation Problem:
A lot of obvious categories are missing as choices, for example:

  • Investments
  • Refund

Tags problem:
My tags have grown to a large number since there’s no search option while trying to tag

Tags and categories should also have rulesets one can define to make auto-tagging/auto-categorising easy.

ML/AI-based tagging would be :fire:

So add:

  • Search for tags
  • Rules for tags/categories
  • AI/ML-based categorisation and tagging
  • More useful categories

Additional suggestions:
Self-transfer shouldn’t show up in balances - withdrawal from pots for example is not an income.

Hey Chris,

Thanks for all the great suggestions.

We are in the process of

  1. adding more useful categories on the spending insights, and
  2. working to remove self-transfers & other such categories from spends & income view

On the other points related to tags, we will surely work on improving the experience & refer to your suggestions.

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