Cashflow have problem with Calculating Left

I have some blance in my account. But the left is showing (-1000). That is not possible when i have some balance.

For me the problem in the saved. Because in this month i have saved some at the same time i have closed one pot. But it taken that also in spending.

So, the some problem may happen investment withdrawal also.

Income is good. Only thing saved and investment should take only the spending not the withdrawal.

The formul is income[Transfer, withdrawal of pot and investment]-(Saved[Spending]+Spending+Investment[Spending])=Left

Hey @Vikramselvaganesh thanks for the feedback.
The left value shows how much of your incoming is left.
We depict left to be = Incoming minus spends minus savings minus investments.

Your balances are separate from the left calculation.

Withdrawals for investments and pots is considered as incoming.

Hope this helps clarify :rocket:


Thanks, the problem solved.

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