Bugs and USP zone improvement

Hey, so I find rhe ‘money insight’ section very interesting.
It tracks my main account money transfers, but the dates are wrong. It usually shows a day before or sometimes i can’t even find the transaction in my bank passbook.
That whole section deserves a lot more focus.

Also, i think it only transfers my UPI transactions, and not my actual bank transfer activity like salary transfer (NEFT transaction i guess)
If that could happen with proper secure access then it would really outshine like a product.
Also, the transactions categories can be reduced and instead we should be able to add our own category. I would really appreciate it as a user.

I’m a developer myself, i want this as a user. I want to work on it as a developer, maybe part time maybe as on open source.

Appreciation note:
I think for me till now the usp was Pots section. It has beautiful recommendations. Also this money insights, i have wandered on this section but i think it is still in progress. Decided to write all this cause i’ll love all this as a user in the first place.