Bug Report: Unable to edit bank details

  • Date and time of the bug: 12th November 2021, 3:05PM
  • Action: Tried to edit my Bank Details
  • Expected result: The side menu for “Add nick” or “delete” should have appeared.
  • Actual result: No response
  • Device name and model: iPhone SE (2nd Gen)
  • Reproducibility: Everytime I try to edit
  • Connection type: Both Wi-Fi and Mobile Data
  • Name of the cellular: Airtel & Wi-Fi provider: Airtel
  • Screenshots: (summary) - It specifically happens only with one specific bank account that I have added. For the other one, it works as expected.

I am summarising the issue along with serial wise screenshots.

  1. I opened the “manage bank payees” section and try to edit the 1st (*2300) account, the side menu shows up as usual. But for the second one (*1427), it doesn’t show up.

  2. Made a successful bank transfer with the *2300 account. But the same doesn’t happen with the *1427 account.

  3. I can re-add the account which caused the failed transaction but no side menu appears to remove the *1427 account at the first place.

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@Divyaansh_Agarwal Thanks for letting us know! This is really detailed. We’ll get this checked and I’ll give you an update.



We got this checked. Here’s what we found out:

This is happening since you have not saved the payee with account number ending in 1427. Only the account ending in 2300 is saved.
Unsaved payees can not be modified or swiped on. That is expected behaviour and not a bug.

There is however a general consensus that the design for this page needs to be changed to better differentiate between saved and unsaved payees. This is in our pipeline :slight_smile:

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But…pinging you @Divyaansh_Agarwal got some questions.

Okay so I get the issue. But this needs to be updated as I can’t remove that misdetailed bank information whatsoever 😵‍💫

We’ve sent you a gift :gift::tada:

Reason being, you may have not found a bug but you did help us identify the design/communication parts which can be improved.

Oh and, congrats! Here’s your fancy bug hunter badge :beetle::medal_sports:


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Thanks a lot :raised_hands:t2: Really appreciate the kind gesture :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: