Bill Payment Reminders and Automation

Implement a feature that sends reminders to users for upcoming bill payments. Additionally, offer the ability to automate recurring payments, saving users time and ensuring they never miss a payment deadline.

Bill Payment Reminders:

  • Notification Alerts: The app can send push notifications or in-app alerts to remind users of upcoming bill payments. These reminders can be scheduled based on the due date of each bill.

  • Customization: Users can customize the frequency and timing of the reminders according to their preferences.

  • Multiple Reminders: If a user has multiple bills due on different dates, the app can send individual reminders for each bill.

  • Reminder Options: Users may have the option to snooze or dismiss reminders based on their current financial situation.

Bill payment automation:

  • Scheduled Payments: Users can set up automatic bill payments within the mobile banking app. They can enter the payee details, payment amount, and schedule the payment date. The app will initiate the payment automatically on the specified date.

    • Recurring Payments: For bills with fixed amounts due regularly (e.g., monthly rent), users can set up recurring payments. The app will automatically initiate payments at the scheduled intervals without any manual intervention.

    • Payment History: The app can maintain a record of all bill payments, including the date, amount, and recipient. Users can access this payment history for reference and track their expenses.


At present, you can get the reminders of the upcoming bills on the home screen of Jupiter app as well as under the Payments tab.
If you are already the bill from some other app, you can simply mark “Bills paid” so that you will not receive any reminder on the app.
You can view the payments history by clicking on the " View Transactions history" option under the Payments Tab.

Regarding the auto-pay feature, Jupiter supports it for some subscriptions.

I too support this suggestion. Hopefully we can see much improvements soon. :+1:t2:




Thank you very much for all the suggestions.

On Bill Payment reminders, we do show the reminders on the app, and also send push notifications and Whatsapp on bills generated on the same biller in the future. Hope you have registered your utility bills and experience this on Jupiter.

On scheduled payment automation, we do have automatic payments in Autopay functionality on the app for automating recurring payments to a bank account. For recurring merchant payments, we have Autopay on Debit Card and UPI on supported merchants.
Introducing Auto-Pay (Sneak peek) :rocket:
Community update | April 2023 :loudspeaker:

We are exploring Autopay on bill payments in the future, will keep you informed about the same in future.