Bill Payment Option not Available

I see in Trello that Bills Payment feature has been released however I do not see in the app yet.
Please let me know if this feature has been rolled out to public or still it is in testing phase?

Hey @ankitiitgs Welcome to the community!

It’s not rolled out to everyone yet. A few set of users + community lab testers have access to the bill payments feature.

Would you like to join us in testing it out? :slight_smile:
I suggest you join Jupiter labs in that case. Read more here - Introducing Jupiter Labs 🧪

Don’t forget to register!

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Thank you for warm welcome.
Yes, I have registered myself for labs and excited to test new features.

Coming to bill payments, it’s little disheartening to know it is still not released to public.

May I suggest couple of features here-

  1. A section in Trello to differentiate between a feature released for testing vs a feature released to public.
  2. A tentative date against each task wherein we will have an idea when it is targeted to move to next stage.
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@ankitiitgs Thanks for the suggestion friend!
It’s a good idea to mark the ones which are in testing :blob_think:
We’ll mark them.

The timelines however could be hard since some may vary.
But we do announce most of the feature rollouts to the community 1-2 weeks in advance. If it’s a new feature then we usually do a lab test weeks before the rollout.

Hi @Shawnpinto , I see the Trello has been updated with a new entry ‘In Testing’. Thank you for that. Have not seen any other company/community taking feedbacks so seriously and acting upon them. You guys are real gem.

Coming to the timeline, yes I agree they can be sometimes challenging. Being in software industry for more than 12 years, I can totally relate to it. That’s why I said it can be tentative.

True that!