Available Balance showing in Negative

After the transaction, every time i received a message for available balance but Available Balance shown as negative, and it confused me sometimes
Below is the image for reference๐Ÿ‘‡

Below are the messages for IDFC First Bank, and you can see the difference

It shouldnโ€™t show up like that, thanks for showing this to us @Satyajit_Singh
Good find! :bug_hunters: :mag:

The team is looking into this.

@Shawnpinto Why donโ€™t Jupiter starts Bug Bounty program? @Satyajit_Singh is reporting bugs from long time He deserve something big


He has been getting them.
When the bug is confirmed and is solved, thatโ€™s when we reward the hunter for their bug hunting skills :mag: :bug_hunters:

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still available balance showing in negative

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Hi @Shawnpinto

This issue is not resolved

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I am here to confirm that this issue still persists.

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