Auto tag- when does it kick in?

If I pay Merchants with upi, shouldn’t Jupiter be auto tagging those transactions accordingly?

For example, I pay merchant A for groceries, merchant B for miscellaneous, merchant C for dine out.

Jupiter should be able to recognise the first three transactions that I tag these merchants, and then auto tag them the same unless I switch the tags manually (might be extremely rare, but I like having the option for manual tags).

Right now, auto tag feels more like a hit or miss. Sometimes, the transactions are marked “dine out”, but that’s 2 outta 10. I gotta tag the rest manually, even though I’ve done it probably half a dozen times in the last couple of days.


The app is still learning! With enough data for tags, we should be able to identify almost all the basic transactions and tag them correctly.

@nateavi In that screenshot, what kind of transaction was it? The category was marked as finance-related :thinking:

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Good question! Miscellaneous - that’s my “sutta” tagged transaction. It’s probably been a dozen now. :sweat_smile:
Same merchant, and definitely the same amount. Hopefully, the app will get it fixed in due time.

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If its the same merchant and same amount, it might be tagged as recurring :thinking:
Keep an eye on that one!