Artistic QR codes

Recently, there’s a new trend for QR codes that can be designed with the help of AI.
It blends the image into the QR code itself, making it functional and visually appealing.

For example:

This could change our QR code experience.
Was unable to find a good generator though.

However, I came across this simple one -


Simply wow… :fire: :fire:
I had never come across this information before. Thank you, Shawn, for sharing this new knowledge. It’s moments like these that make me believe our community is like a mini version of Google, always gets some valuable information. :grin:

I loved this one they have showcased on their homepage. :smile:
(Scanning the cat takes you to their website) similar to the QR in the centre shared by Shawn. I am getting some code/ numbers by scanning the last one. QR app can’t scan the first one :sweat_smile:


Will jupiter add it.

We’re thinking about it.
But where do we use this though?

It’ll only add more user delight :v:t3:

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Like showing to a friend, that pay me on this qr code.


Wow! This is so cool. Especially the first one. I didn’t see the QR code in that.

I would like to see this on Jupiter with a Space twist.

Maybe our good old spaceman in planet Jupiter.


Here’s another web app for generating image QR codes that I made