App not allowing access after Sim Change Abroad

Hi Team

I am currently in Bali Indonesia. I have an Android smartphone with dual SIM. I bought a local SIM for data and changed one of the Indian SIMs (not the number associated with Jupiter).

Now whenever I try to open the app, it keeps saying that it needs to verify my SIM and tries to send an SMS which is undelivered as I don’t have International roaming.

What should I do?

You have to use Indian sim in primary slot while you cAn use data from other sim

Indian SIM is in primary slot.

@Rishabh_Manoj Do you have the Number (SIM) associated with Jupiter in the same phone and in primary slot ?

Yes, I am able to receive SMSes from other apps but in this scenario Jupiter app is insisting on sending an SMS which is not working.

I think recharging that number with a top-up of around 50 or 100 might work.