Any niyo users here?

I heard that niyo along with their travel card product they are launching a proper full account with collaboration of IDFC first.

Any niyo users here who can provide feedback ?

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i’ve also registered with the account. Nice benefits like upto 7% interest on savings account, zero mark up, zero commission on mutual funds and many more… excited to experience their platform

they also have a community forum, complete benefits about this product are mentioned in that. you can check this out:

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Yeah checked it out. I am a member over there too.

They have started the onboarding of new users so we will start hearing feedback from them pretty soon :crossed_fingers:

I haven’t used it but their forex card is pretty famous. My land lord also has it.

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I have used their forex for 3 months in almost 15 countries even prefer it for non INR transactions in India. Great customer service by the way.


update :IDFC first has recently slashed the rates of their savings account. Niyo now seems to have tied up with equitas small finance bank for the 7 % interest savings account. My understanding is these offers are for limited periods and the rates would get rationalised once the banks cost of funding gets stabilised. so, dont enter with expectations of 7 % for longer times

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I’m using Niyo IDFC from last 1 year very good Customer care experience

Niyo already parted out with IDFC. Since December 2020 their App was dead. And on May 31st 2021 they acknowledged that app won’t work anymore.

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Niyo is full of bugs even after years into business. Tried and wanted to close Niyo account just after 5 days of installing.

Not recommend.

Now Niyo application is not working properly because they have Closed the Niyo IDFC service customer are requested to download the IDFC Mobile Banking App.

And The Customer service of niyo was really really awesome no one provided customer service like Niyo.

Now Customer Service for Niyo IdFC is closed now we need to contact directly IdFC CC

To be honest, IDFC itself provides all Niyo features on its app,
You need to maintain 10k MAB and you get all benefits incl Low Forex Markup charges etc…
Also, IDFC has a good service support(Customer First)

Anyone still holding Niyo Idfc?

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Niyo Idfc Is my primary account because of a lot of reasons before it I was using kotak but due to some issues I was shifted to niyo Idfc and till date this is my primary account with premium support and service from idfc.


I do have this Card but I don’t use it often.
Yes, I have some money in IDFC though.

I love the Card design by the way.

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Card will expired in few year do idfc will issue this card or they will change it into their own card idk but lets see