Adding frequently used custom tags by clicking them

So after spending from Jupiter, I can choose to label the transaction with a tag. Right now, the app allows users to either make their own custom tags by typing them or suggests some frequently used tags which the user can select by clicking. BUT there is no provision to click and select from the previously/frequently used customised tags. If I were to hypothetically label a transaction with a tag called ‘chocolate’, I cannot click and select it later on. If I were to purchase chocolates frequently, I might end up with transactions labelled with tags like ‘Chocolate’, ‘chocolates’, ‘chocos’, or other typographical errors, which would incorrectly track my total expense later.

Hope this makes sense.

Heyo! @drsg

Our intention is to make the app remember the frequent transactions and label them with the same tag.

Let’s say you make buy chocolates regularly and the tag is marked as chocolates by you. Tomorrow you buy more. The tag might be different, but you can always edit the tag and rename it to an existing one - Chocolates.

This is done manually though, we’re working on making the repeated transactions under the same tag.

There’s one way we could make this work.

  1. Same merchant?
  2. Possibility of the same amount? Or a range maybe (Always from Rs. 100-500)
  3. If X no. of 1 and 2 were met, then we can consider this to be a repeated transaction.

Thoughts? :blob_think: