Account Frozen by LEA

Hello please help me my account got frozen by LEA, probably it because I do p2p in crypto, I didn’t do anything wrong nor did I fraud anyone, the customer care aren’t even responding to my email and when I go to contact their phone number it always says busy. Please anyone from Jupiter please help me, all my life saving is in there and there’s no way for me to withdraw it, I’m so depressed and sad, I cannot do anything if they don’t provide me the details of the transaction/ reference. This is such a stressful situation, I send multiple email still no response. Please Jupiter for the love of God please unfreeze my account

Also is it possible to close my account and withdraw my funds in another account, that would be much appreciated

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Going through same situation.Any solution brother?

It is really sad to see this, when crypto itself is not illegal. I would suggest after the issue resolves do crypto p2p with a private bank whose branch you can visit.

Neobanks are more sensitive to cash inflows as compared to traditional banks

Email to nodal officer of Federal Bank.
If still no response, take the matter to the Principal Nodal Officer.

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