Account Balance (Toggle on/off)

At present, the balance on the homepage remains concealed until users interact with it by clicking on it. However, it would greatly enhance the user experience if there were an additional feature that allowed users to conveniently toggle the visibility of the balance on and off. By implementing this option, users who desire to view their balance without having to click on the figure would be able to do so effortlessly. This would grant them immediate access to the balance information, eliminating the need for an extra step and improving overall usability.

Out of curiosity am asking, have you noticed this feature on any other banking app? :eyebrow: :eyebrow:
I personally use three banking apps, Jupiter, SBI YONO, and CANARA Ai1 (previously known as CANDY), and all of these apps have the eye icon next to the balance, so I haven’t seen this feature elsewhere. :+1:

Btw, I think Jupiter have this feature on Accounts Aggregator tab.

Screenshot 2023-05-15 093813

Toggle on/off feature is available on ICICI Netbanking, not the app.

However, the ICICI app has the same hidden feature.

Sorry, I just rechecked. Even ICICI Netbanking is hidden when you log in again.

So I guess this was just my own suggestion. Not sure if it’s a regulatory thing.

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Most apps have it hidden by default when you scroll/open the tabs.
This is to avoid prying eyes and provide a mini layer of added security.

To view your balance, it’s just 1 tap away. Should be visible instantly too.
I think it’s pretty good as it is.