Small enhancement on hiding and viewing balance

It would be better to have dots for the decimal places in balances in jupiter homepage. Currently dots are only for numbers before decimal point.

On clicking view and hide balance icon, it makes animation more unrealistic. Older versions of jupiter never had the issue i think.

In the below image, there is only 3 dots where 5 must be there. Just a suggestion.

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@Aswin_Benny Regarding the number of dots, It was always 3. Having more dots would make it feel a bit congested.
Also, +1 for the animation for show balance/hide. It just pops up out of nowhere seems too normal. The only good part about this is that it’s fast!

Niyo has the wave feature for view/hide balance. The purpose is the same but that takes more time. Looks cool though.


To me scratch card like thing in niyox looks faster and satisfiying :sweat_smile:. And wave feature is just awesome.


Read Niyo is cool too…plus attracting people…me saw an INvite somewhere…

@Shawnpinto niyo qre with whom…like how y all wid federal…hehehe…