Account balance on top of application

Kindly add option to view account balance without login to application.

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Hey @niran793 Welcome to the community! :rocket:

Tbh that could be a risky idea. I mean, we need to look at account balance when no one is around :eyes:

And since you just need to look at the balance, it just takes 5-6 seconds to open the app and reach the home page. (Could be faster or less)

Really interested to know the use case here.

  1. Do you often check out bank balances? How often?
  2. How are you currently doing it for the Jupiter app and other bank accounts if you have any?
  3. Do you know any apps which do this? (Off app a/c balance showcase)

Lemme know!

Hi Shawn,
For eg Axis Bank have option to view balance without opening application.

Points which you mentioned are correct. But I asked to implement that because of the below reasons I am facing with Jupiter

  1. Sometimes not receiving app notification when amount got credited.
  2. Where amount debited or credited there is no consistency in getting messages from bank. Most of the times I am not getting messages for the transactions.


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@niran793 In this case, a widget might help. We’ve not yet picked up Widgets yet, but it’s in the roadmap.

Can you confirm, whether we expect net banking facility in future?


Hey @niran793 , it’s not in the pipeline yet.
As a modern neobank, it’s best if everything is available in an app.