Account and Funds Accessibility Issues in Pots

Dear Jupiter App Product Managers

On 15th April, I created financial pots within The Jupiter App and deposited an amount of money into it, assuming full functionality as my account was active at the time. However, upon attempting to close this pot and withdraw my funds, I was informed by the customer service team that my account had unexpectedly become “Dormant”. I was further advised that reactivation of my account requires a physical visit to the nearest branch of Federal Bank Ltd to complete KYC verification procedures.

This requirement is inconvenient, as the initial account setup and KYC were conducted online. The sudden necessity for an in-person visit, which contradicts the digital-first convenience promised by The Jupiter App, is not only frustrating but also impractical, given the current emphasis on digital solutions.

Moreover, the explanation provided—that the creation of the pot triggered the dormancy of my account—seems highly irregular and lacks transparency. This situation has led to my money being unjustly stuck without proper justification or prior warning.

Therefore, I request a thorough investigation into this matter and ask for the following actions to be taken:

  1. A clear explanation of why my account was marked dormant after the pot creation and how it allowed me to deposit money in a “Dormant” account.
  2. Immediate restoration of online KYC procedures to reactivate my account, ensuring access to my funds without unnecessary hurdles.
  3. Assurance of better customer support in handling such issues, preventing future occurrences for myself and other users.

Please consider this matter with urgency, as it affects not only the accessibility of my funds but also the trust placed in The Jupiter App. I would appreciate a prompt response, detailing the steps you will take to resolve this issue.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.

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