Aadhar seeding with jupiter

Is there an option to do aadhar seeding with our jupiter account? Correctly, i have my canara account aadhar seeded, however, since we now have the digital passbook, I’d like to change it to jupiter.

If there is the option, can someone kindly walk me through the proces?

Is that related with some sort of DBT scheme?
I’m not sure, but I believe the requirement to link Aadhaar is only applicable when initially opening the account.
You can check whether there is any provision on the Fednet Internet Banking website

Yes it is regarding DBT. See, my scholarships requires you to have your bank account seeded with aadhar for varification purposes. I already have my canara account linked though, however, I am trying to use jupiter as my primary account so thought I should raise this query.

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These two threads is related with the same issue, but couldn’t find a solution (may be due to the earlier passbook issue) I hope someone from Jupiter team confirm this. :+1:t2:

@Shawnpinto can you provide some clarification?

Don’t seed your aadhar with neo bank

Pls note-Jupiter is not a bank and works with RBI licensed partner bank which is Federal bank to provide banking products related offerings

Any idea how it could be seeded with Federal Bank account opened through Jupiter?