A Thread on Threads! 🧵

You must have heard the word Threads by now, it’s all over the internet! :thread:
If you still haven’t come across it yet, it’s not too late -


Long story short, it’s basically Twitter 2.0.
Some say it’s more refined, cleaner, minimal, and easy to use. However, it’s missing the DM option. - Though, Instagram already has that feature.

Here are some interesting articles on Threads :newspaper:

  • Explainer and what you should know -
  • Want to delete your Threads account? Your Instagram account will have to go too -

If only it had the option to view the feed for your followers separately :pray:

  • I need a feed for my followers :raised_hands:
  • Nah, I’m good. Like it as it is. :thread:
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Does Jupiter have a Threads account? :jupiter:

Oh yes, we do! We recently made an account sometime last week and we need your support! :grimacing:

The page will be talking about Money, relatable financial situations, some teasers on upcoming products, and a few memes :stuck_out_tongue:

Follow us for such content :point_down:


So, what’s your take on Threads? Do you think it’s a Twitter killer? Or another app launched with great timing?


Threads and Insta scares the shit out of me, in fact whatever comes out of Meta.
They are less of social media and used more kind of social engineering platforms.
I find twitter way better than threads tbh.
One platform of Meta goes extinct or become less popular, they come out with some other which is very dangerous.


Agreed. Twitter feels more like a conversational platform. I mean, that’s how it was built too.


Yes, and musk never lets threads win anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


Threads feels like instagramified or tiktokified Twitter :sweat_smile:.
All my neighbours are using threads , that is one of the reason why I don’t use instagram.

Twitter and mastodon is still my place (I don’t like Elon though) . I usually use social medias for new Infos rather than entertainment. :woozy_face: (I am still that person who use Facebook more than Instagram :grin:)

BTW I feel like thread is going to be like clubhouse, after sometimes those people having good followers now will stick to it. Others will stop using it.


Breaking: Threads just hit 100M users in 5 days! :exploding_head::partying_face:


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@Binoy It is the fastest downloaded app in history? :thinking:

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Yes, overtook ChatGPT all the way up to the top in less than a week!

Time it took to reach 100 million users:

Telephone: 75 years
Mobile phone: 16 years
World Wide Web: 7 years
iTunes: 6.5 years
Twitter: 5 years
Facebook: 4.5 years
WhatsApp: 3.5 years
Instagram: 2.5 years
ChatGPT: 2 months
Threads: 5 days


How things have changed :star_struck:

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Yeah, shared my thought here :fire: https://www.threads.net/t/CujcjL6P2ab/?igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ==

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Am I the only one here who hasn’t started a Threads account yet? :eyebrow: :eyebrow:
Also, considering that the revenue sharing model by Twitter recently went live, I don’t think more Twitter users will switch to Threads now.


I stopped using it on the first day. I am going to wait for 1 more month until hype settles :sweat_smile:

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I’m with you :handshake:

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Nothing interesting now, I will check it again once they integrate ActivityPub into it

That would be something to look into. :+1:

Twitter is still best among all for discussions!!

Abhi gaya thread shread bhaad mein

Its all gone guys