A diary of sorts

While all banks have concentrated on is a ledger kind of format, how much came in how much went out etc., it would be great if this is some kind of a timeline format

  • I can add pictures/memories to a particular spend / income
  • Jupiter adds cards of some sort for events eg.,
  1. salary received
  2. goal achieved
  3. adulting started (when Investment Starts / Taxes filed)
  4. levelled up – credit card le liya finally
  5. Spent less on ordering in/buying clothes etc.,

The thing here is that people are used to looking money in ledger format and they because that’s how bank provided it so far.

Timeline view is definitely interesting, that’s how I look at my taxes and income for sure. That I got salary on say 1st and then did a,b,c expenses on the following dates. But ledger is also chronologically sorted right which means it’s the timeline view. @Manohar_K I am not able to visualise this timeline. Any example available on any app or is it possible for you to describe more on how it would look?

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This indicates more towards celebrating each milestone right?
Its like levelling up while playing a game. Adulting should sound more like “Pro” level unlocked!

Every step towards one’s own financial wellness should be indicated as a level. I like this :slight_smile: