Why should you be using a Neobank? - Behind the Glitz and Glam

Almost 100% of us who are using a Neo Bank i.e. Jupiter - landed here from a Fancy Ad, a hearty Referral or the mysterious visuals and app description in the Play Store.

You are onboard - enjoying the cashbacks, free debit card and great CX of the complete ecosystem - everything that a young adult would want,

In the long term however, you are little to gain from the Freebies and Cashbacks in the grand scheme of things. (Do keep enjoying the daily dopamine shots from getting rewarded though :smiley:)

Here is a short list of things that a neobank like Jupiter can actually change your life for good:

  • Expense Tracking and Analysis: Those dull passbooks of my SBI Account only make sense to my CA after hours of sorting in Excel - welcome Insights and Networth, the one -stop shop for analysing where and what you spent every month and what you earned.

  • Fulfilling Financial Goals: Unlike a regular bank which wants to get a greater pie of income from your account by upselling products/services detrimental to your growth - A neo bank would give you preferential treatment for free from Day 1 and help you achieve more by making saving a habit. (such as Pots)

  • A Mediator Helping Hand: Contrary to what technically neobanks (or API banks in India) are, having a neobank Support in addition to a reputed banking partner (such as Federal Bank) would help you sort issues faster than staying on the phone or standing in the queue for hours for simple queries. As the APIs become better (and hold more parameters), neobank Customer Support teams can assist faster and address core issues instead of having to rely on senior teams of the partner bank.

Good things come to those who wait (for all those who were waitlisted :stuck_out_tongue: ),
Great things come to those who hustle (and use a neobank for a holistic financial growth)