Why federal bank deposit & savings interest not displayed in the income tax AIS portal?

In the last financial year i had done multiple deposit/withdrawal & also received savings interest every quarter but nothing is updated in the AIS portal. Any taxpayer in the community facing this issue???

Upto 10000 interest there is no income tax. So, your interest was more than 10000?

Nope, In my case they have reported Super pot,FD and savings account interest.

Well good to hear that federal bank is reporting to AIS portal for some.
But in my case nothing is reported… even i can see SBM bank & other bank also reporting in my AIS but no federal bank as of now.
Bdw in this type of case is there any option for complaining to the authorised entity to get it rectified??

In my case it’s been reported

Hmm… You have a account in that? Which card you have from the sbm?