Why can i search a persons upi id just by typing the mobile number

Hello guys,
Today i had to face a problem while transfering amount to a friend of mine.
I had to transfer some amount to my friends account but didn’t know his upi id just had his mobile number and here the problem starts
I was not able to search his upi id just by typing his mobile no and also his barcode also failed to scan.
As gpay provides option for customer to type any mobile number and check weather a person is using the app and can search his upi id or else provide an option to invite the person to the platform. I think this option should be mad possible as fast as possible.


Fantastic idea! Jupiter may not have the data that Google pay does, but I’m sure the team can come up with something.

Meanwhile, if this helps: you can add payees permanently to your UPI list. Sort of like a contact list within the app.

settings > payment settings > manage payees.

Doesn’t really fix the auto recommendation request, but acts like a bandaid.