Who’s got the best tree? 🎄

Hello, everyone!

Santa is on his way and we can hear the bells already :bell:

Well, a little birdy told us that somewhere between the North Pole and Earth, Santa flew into our Jupiter Spaceman and passed on some :gift::gift::gift:

For you, of course. Read on to know how you can get them!


Who’s got the best tree? :christmas_tree:
Looking for the trippiest, coolest, most stellar tree on the block.
Is it yours? Give us a peek!

The way to Santa’s :gift: is through…
Christmas trees near you!
Just click a picture of one that stands out, and share it on the thread below (psst, check the guidelines too!)
The best one wins an Amazon voucher worth Rs. 1,000 :ticket: and a box of Jupiter goodies! :gift:

:eyes: Make sure the tree is clearly visible
:credit_card: Brownie points for showing your Jupiter Debit Card in the picture. Hold it or use it as a bobble — get creative!
:pencil2: Add a caption of 100 characters max

P.S. It’s okay if you don’t own a tree. Your friends might have one around!


  • The event starts today - 22nd Dec, 2022 and ends on 31st Dec, 2022. (Results will be announced on Jan 1st, 2023)
  • You can post only once! If you feel like you’ve got something better, you can edit your post instead.
  • Keep it original. Don’t copy someone else’s post or caption!
  • The post needs to be on this community thread, not anywhere else.
  • The team will announce the winner in the community. So you’ve got to stick around.

And with that, we start the hunt! Cookies, anyone? :party_parrot:


Pretty good idea! Bonus points for keeping it within the community.


Now all we need is a SuperCard…With Mamma and Dada on Jupiter…looking forward to #JupiterforKids.
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas !!


JupiterForKids? Means banking services for kids?

  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
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It’d be cool to have joint accounts in Jupiter.

All accounts for a family! Granular control within the master account app so you can keep tabs on the additional cards and their spends.

Limitless potential!


Outside of mall looking cool na?

© : Citi Mall


I am going home during christmas. Hope I see a christmas tree on the way :melting_face:

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North Indian Xmas? Looks cool.

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Habibi Come to City Of Joy! We celebrate Xmas and New Year :grin:

Kolkata Christmas Festival, held annually during the month of December in Kolkata on Park Street, Kolkata, is one of the largest dedicated Christmas carnivals in India. The themed lighting starts from St Xavier’s College and ends at Jawaharlal Nehru Road


Look at all those lights! :see_no_evil:
Merry Christmas folks~ :christmas_tree::santa:t3:

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@Shawnpinto Wishing you a merry christmas :santa:


Wishing all the Comunity Teams and Members, be full of light and laughter for you and your family. :christmas_tree:


First Christmas at my in-laws ! :two_hearts: ( São Paulo, Brazil)

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Bhai aapka to sasural bhi videsh me hai :open_mouth:

Hello All,

Hope you are well!

I am Reena from Hyderabad and am delighted to be part of this Community! :smile:

I Joined Jupiter during the season of Christmas 2022 and the feeling of Christmassy is awesome with Jupiter!

The three Kings brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh on the birth of baby Jesus & am so happy to say that Jupiter has brought us various rewards in the form of Jewells. I especially love the POT and SIP features. :smiley: :smile: Sharing about Jupiter to my friends gives me immense Joy!

Wishing each of you a very happy new year and may Jupiter help us in building a strong financial future this year!!! :smiley:

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Compliments of the season from us to each of you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



A Christmas tree with books as a base.
Is quite innovative, looks very good!
#uncategorized #jupiter


Hello All,

Voila! December is Month to Remember! Yeah because ‘Christmas is round the corner’.

Christmas celebration at Big Banyan Bangalore. Big Banyan decked with Big Christmas tree, Santa with rein deer. Hotel decked with variety of flower decorations and variety of drinks :slight_smile:

Happy Christmas All!.

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Thank you all for showing us your Christmas and New Year spirit! Really glad we got to see it here in the Community.
After looking at all the trees, pretty lights, lots of gifts, and your spirit, we have picked one :crossed_fingers:t3:

And the winner is… @Ree Reena! :party_parrot: :partying_face:

Congratulations! You had the coolest tree on the block, good job! :christmas_tree:
We’ll contact you for sending you the goodies on DM :gift:

And with that, the contest is closed. Thanks for participating, everyone! :slight_smile:

Happy New Year! :cool_doge: