Where is my UPI tab in transfers?

as title says my UPI transfers have disappeared today ?

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@Shawnpinto is it working as designed ? In either case I thought Jupiter team would know and respond on it…

@nareshk The tab does appear.
Is it not appearing for you even after the latest app update?

no, but some background, my mobile no. in Jupiter and FedBank are different. FI has updated it unnecessarily!!

Hey @nareshk

We’re aware about the mobile number change issue that you’ve been facing. The team has been on it and we’re pushing it even now.

Regarding the payments tab, we’re checking this.
Question. Is that the full length of the screenshot? Or let me know if you cropped it due to recent payee details.

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its cropped… width is complete but length is cropped.

This is probably due to the mobile number change issue.
Since UPI is linked with it and needs verification. Give us some time to look into this, Naresh.