What's your take on customisable CC

What’s your take on customisable Credit cards like au lit?

By default it is Life time Free and benefits of the cards can be added to the card by paying an amount.


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This is amazing! I wasn’t aware of AU bank’s product offerings since they don’t provide services in my locality, but this one is absolutely superb. :star_struck: :star_struck:
So no need for separate Fuel card, Shopping Card, IRCTC card etc.

For some reason, whenever I hear about a customizable card, I always think of Slaypay. I even opened an account with them to try out this feature, but it turned out to be a hoax. :grin: :neutral_face:

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I was trying out au Bank zero balance account. (For rupay platinum offer in Amazon)… account turns out to be really good. Customer care is also nice.

I couldn’t find anyone personally using au lit. (I am underage for au lit , saw many from other communities though) :neutral_face:.

Au has another feature called ‘au swipe’ , here you can do c2c with your existing cards and will get the same limit of the existing card. People having higher limits (or premium cards? I am not sure) will get au’s premium cc LTF…

I still regret my choice about SlayPay :smiling_face_with_tear:

I have tried AU’s Swipe Up platform and I found it more of a marketing tool to push its products. I will give it to them - they have been offering some very innovative solutions to attract more and more users. I decided to pull my application with AU as my company has a virtual office and they do not consider that. Did not want an unnecessary strike on my credit report.

I liked it. Jupiter should introduce something like this. Means if someone wants 1 or 2 % cashback then they should pay a subscription.

Do you have NSDL payments Bank account. It also provides rupay platinum debit card instantly.

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I believe Jupiter subscription plans are part of the Roadmap.

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Don’t they offer cashback and jewel benefits on Pro accounts? I believe they do. I use a normal savings account with Jupiter.


I have thought of opening nsdl but I went with aubank because of better rating and charges :upside_down_face:. R u holding their account? If so how is it?

What is the rupay platinum offer, can you send a link of it, if possible.

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I opened it last year to give it a try but I closed it then because it started SMS alert charges. It seems fine but there may be some account maintenance charges and SMS alert charges.

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It’s amazon pay offer on every Friday…

You will get 20% discount upto 100Rs per month (per card i guess) for recharges and bill payments (earlier wallet load also was eligible for rewards not now)

Try paying bills on Friday on Amazon pay

Same reason I didn’t open it :sweat_smile:



Sounds cool, are there any similar offers for rupay credit card as well ?

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I don’t have a rupay cc… so I am not sure. Above offer is only for rupay platinum varient. Applicable for both CC and Debit card I think :thinking:

Is slaypay able to boost credit score?

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No , It’s only for debit card. I think.

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Please try not to remember. :rofl: :rofl: