What's your Financial resolution for 2024? 🗓️

Hello Community! :hyper_wave:

It’s 2024, the start of a new journey for all of us :sparkles:
It’s also the time to create and review your financial behavior.


The start of a brand new year inspires many of us to make all sorts of resolutions. Especially the ones about money are among the most important, as proper money management helps you achieve many other goals.

happy new year

Did you think of any resolution that you’d like to take up for this year?
Let’s use this thread to share your financial resolution and support each other :handshake:

I’ll go first - I plan to reduce my online food orders. Gonna learn some fun cooking recipes instead :ramen:

Happy New Year :sparkles:


Time is money, money is time. So I will spend my time wisely. Plus, will increase my travel funds this year.


First could you please resolve My issue please?

Dear Jupiter ,
Wish you all a very happy new year .
Sir please find attached here with the apology letter from CIBIL and admitting their mistake and asking for apology.
Humble request please ignore cibil because it’s wrong,
Kindly help me by granting short term loan for Solar business.
Atul dubey. E-2 Solar power itarsi madhya pradesh 93403 05632

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Please mention the mistake details…

Is the mistake by financial services provider or cibil bureau itself ? Will

It’s the clear çut mistake of cibil but who cares. It doesn’t put any difference on their life and you can understand that without any fault my business is in deep crisis and I am suffering.
Request you to please consider and oblige by granting short term loan or credit limit. Regards

Maybe there is some technical problem, or wrong data given by the financial institution.

But think about this if someone not notice the error for 3 months… Then what’s happened with his/her credit score and record…

Nobody gives him loan or credit card.

Jupiter money is a very worst financial service I came across. I hav closed my loan on 3 oct 2023, untill now its in active on Cibil. Banks denies to give me a loan for that issue… Asking NOC. I approached the customer support on 3 Jan 2024, seeking for the NOC for closed loans. But today 15.01.2024, Till now No updates about NOC Documents. Messing Badly with Customer situations. Don’t get loan or any financial services with Jupiter Money.

Hello Kathiravan,

We understand your concerns and we regret the delay. Our team is actively working on expediting the issuance of the NOC for your closed loans. Rest assured, we will prioritize resolving this matter promptly. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work towards a swift resolution.

Planning to close my credit cards