What's the highest cibil score you have seen?

As we know the top limit for Cibil score is 900, so today I have been curious whether someone has actually reached 900 or very close to it?

So what’s the highest cibil score you have, had or seen someone have?

The highest I have seen is 781

Note- It’s just a fun question/activity.


This is an interesting topic :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2:
802 :grin: (Even I know that was some bug or something, as it showed only for few days)
This score report was sent by Bajaj Finance in August, so don’t know whether it is true or not :laughing:
Earlier I had a CIBIL yearly subscription, which got expired and didn’t get it renewed
The present score is 745 I think.

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My top score was 820. Now it’s 795.

I’ve seen some people online claim that they have 850 CIBIL score.

Interestingly, I found through Fi that my credit score could be affected because of the different addresses associated with different credit cards. That was news to me.

Hoping to see some great stuff from Jupiter credit score builder.

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Generally most of the websites show correct score. What’s the benefit of cibil subscription like you can view or get your credit report more than 1 time in a year or get offers?


Yeah I have also heard about the address thing but didn’t believed it completely but now it seems like it’s true

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Yes. You get more numbers of credit reports with a CIBIL subscription.

But I read of a trick online. So you have 4 credit bureaus in India - CIBIL, Experian, CRIF, Equifax. So you can get 1 report from 1 credit bureau in a quarter (free of charge). Repeat the same for other bureaus and you 4 reports every year spread out every quarter. So you would get credit reports throughout the year as every bureau gives free yearly credit report - just not from the same bureau.

I am not sure if there are offers involved as part of the subscription.


I need to check this. I’ll be changing my address soon. So after the change, I’ll change the address in all my credit cards. Then I can validate this theory.

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That would work but it won’t be useful as credit score of different bureau will be different and importance of all bureau is not the same, Cibil’s score is given more priority

Yes that is true.

This is only work, if you want to keep a lookout for the services that are accessing your credit report and if there are any financial frauds happening using your credit report/PAN.

But the trick I’ve been using for few months is that I don’t check cibil score directly through cibil website, I do it from apps like Gpay, cred. Apparently they can check our credit score multiple times and show it to us and it won’t affect our score also as it’s a soft enquiry.

Yeah for that it’s useful

Do update us if you see something

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I use PaisaBazaar as they have all the 4 credit bureau scores in one page. It’s very convenient. But I recently noticed that they don’t update the score at times.


Sure. Will do… :thumbs_up:

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I have seen some people with CIBIL 823 approx online and it was really rare.

For Experian 850+. I have seen that for most of the people (I have 850 now)


You should use Gpay as they will fetch your report every 30 days, score will be accurate, loan details might not be

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I have felt that Paisabazaar gives our data to loan companies more often than others. :sweat_smile:

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My Experian is the best score (824) and Equifax is the worst (726).

My life’s goal is to bring Equifax above 800. :crazy_face:

Yeah, I have observed that once you reach 750+ the score will increase little slow.

Yeah I have also experian score of 815, Experian is very kind hearted :joy:

Yes. I have experienced that. On the same day that I check my credit scores, I’ll get a call from IndusInd Bank or Axis Bank, etc.

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