You can add a method to check credit scores in this app

You can add a method to check credit scores in this app. Start giving cashback like Slice App.

Hey, @Sunny_Raj you can check your credit score on Jupiter!
Head over to the Money tab > Networth > Liabilities section > Find your credit score

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@Shawnpinto is it free? or it comes with some fee to show us record and score?

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it’s free and monthly, it’s just score not in detail tho

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I used this to find my scroe (which is roughly around 790) but it’s showing me a Personal Loan of around 70k from IDFC first with ₹1979 as amount to be repaid ( i.e., due I think).

Now regarding IDFC…
I’ve cred cash which is around 80k (from IDFC) but it’s all paid already.
I’ve Flipkart Paylater with 70k (from IDFC) but this one also is fully paid.
I’ve IDFC First credit card of 35k with no dues.

:thinking: now where I can find this loan? and it’s details. Is this from old records?

Usually it can take up to 90 days to reflect those changes on your credit scores.
Its better to have a CIBIL subscription and raise disputes there, which will be corrected within a week or two.

check loan details on idfc app or netbanking, bnpls are personal loans.