Credit Scoring -> Loan Offers

Currently, the users cannot check/create their credit score details on the application.

Enabling them to do this in a gamified manner not only enables them to stay in shape with credit but also helps Jupiter identify loan/credit line products for each category of users. This can be done in-house through API integrations from the credit bureaus or through a third-party vendor, something like SavvyMoney. SavvyMoney takes care of the admin side of things and also the end-user side of what loan products to show to which customers.

How can this be gamified?

  • Leverage leaderboards: display how one is performing amongst the same/relatable user groups (based on gender, age, and geolocation). Example: “You are amongst the top 1% in West Bengal.”

  • Multiple Rewards: the user is incentivised to improve their credit score themselves; how about Jupiter rewards them further via Jewels? These Jewels can be disbursed differently for users who maintain a good credit score, get a loan/credit line access, and make repayments.

Hey @Aniket_Dutta ! Yash here from Jupiter :slight_smile:

You should be able to check your Credit Score on Jupiter. From the navigation bar at the bottom, click on Money and then click on Liabilities. Here, you can see your loans and your credit score!

About rewards / leaderboards, that’s a great idea :heart_eyes: We’re thinking of something similar - to help users understand their credit score and take easy actions to improve it

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Thanks for the response, Yash. :heart_eyes: Yes, did see that, but there’s this aspect of gamification I was keener on suggesting. :smiley: