Cibil score and score builder

Rather than showing Equifax credit score, show cibil score as it is widely accepted and you should also offer a FD backed card to build a good credit score


@mryashchauhan Hey by the way… Jupiter has a credit builder planned.

Although I am not privy to what is planned.

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@Shawnpinto I’ve been wondering. Even though TransUnion Cibil is the most popular credit score, why do companies go for other credit bureaus? Eg. Jupiter shows Equifax score. Cred shows Experian and CRIF scores.

As far as I know, only Paisabazaar gives your Cibil score along with the other 3 credit bureaus.

Is it because Cibil has a higher asking price for displaying the score?

I don’t know. Please enlighten me. Thanks.


Onescore shows cibil and Experian. @alexnazy


Thanks for the information @kirankiran10333 :slight_smile:

I don’t have Onecard.

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Sorry, it’s onescore app by onecard. Non- Onecard users also can use it. @alexnazy


Oh is it… I’ll try it. Thanks again. @kirankiran10333

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If you want Experian . You can use their WhatsApp number for it. They give unlimited refresh of Experian score.

Send Hi to the above number.

For CIBIL : airtel thanks app, amazon pay, paisabazaar, onescore, gpay, freecharge app