What is the best fixed deposit strategy I could follow?

Events earlier at Yes Bank raised a lot of concerns about the safety of money kept in bank fixed deposits. With this pandemic, everyone is on thin ice and I’m sceptical of parking high amount of money without thorough research. It’ll be nice if you guys could recommend as per your experience!
Also, what does Jupiter have to offer in this domain of FDs? @sahil-sorathiya @sneh.baxi


RBI insures up to 5 lacs of deposits in each bank so doesn’t matter to that extent. So, you may want to spread out across 2-3 banks or park some money in liquid funds


I agree with @Jiten about spreading out across different banks. Even with this recent case of bank liquidation RBI (https://www.dicgc.org.in/) repaid deposits up to 5 lacs https://www.livemint.com/industry/banking/rbi-cancels-licence-of-ckp-co-operative-bank-in-absence-of-revival-plan-11588436739912.html

Liquid funds are also mostly liquid, but money might be stuck in some rare cases

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