Video KYC Process

@Shawnpinto pls have it checked on priority

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Here is picture , i want to joint my brother in Jupiter, but his video verification still failed after 12th try.
I also want to joint another friend but i told him about this problem so right now i am not referring him until this problem solved.

Hey Surojit!

Firstly, thank you for taking the time out and advocating the use of our application. Secondly, this must have been a frustrating experience and we’re disheartened to learn about it. Please reach out to me via DM and share your registered phone number and that of your folks as well. This matter will be driven to a conclusion.

Hey Ajaatha,
even I am facing the same problem in the video KYC process. it says" your face is too far from the camera" even though I must have tried every possible combination. Can you please help? I would definitely like to try out Jupiter.

Hey Utsav,

Fret not! Please connect with me via DM and share the registered phone number. We will fix the issue.

Hey Ajaatha,
Even I am facing the same problem during video kyc.It says "we couldn’t verify your video blah…blah…"even though I tried many times for last 15 days but everytime It show this error…
Please help…

Try with your aadhar linked Mobile number.

@Ajaatha_Shathru Tried more than 10 times from my adhaar linked mobile still it saying we couldnot verify your video.

Can anyone dm me so that i can share my number and you rectify the error

Hey @Subha_Kay

I’ll connect with you via DM to assist you with your concern. No worries :slight_smile:

I am facing the same issue. I have been trying since 2 days and the verification fails each time. I did the verification of Fi and it happened in the first attempt. But for Jupiter I must have tried atleast 50 times, but still failed.

Look into the problem!

I am facing the same issue I have tried around 20 times but everytime my video kyc verification gets failed. I have even wrote a mail to Jupiter Support but no one has responded. Please Help.

Hey @Raj_Ishu

I understand the trouble that you’re going through with the verification process. However please be assured that our concerned team is looking into your matter and shall make sure that your issue gets addressed at the earliest.

Thank you for your patience.