Users know better about their spends

Asking users to categorize their transaction after its done.
Asking users questions like:
“How important was this transaction?”
“How will you categorize this transaction?” - Eg: Medical,Clothes,Self-love
Calculate opportunity costs at the end of month so users know where they could have saved.


Hey Nisha, Thanks for the amazing idea. We are digging into adding this feature in our transaction flow. :+1:

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When you say important @Nisha_Gupta, is it about : was is absolutely necessary, was is discretionary/for luxury or it’s something else ?

Brilliant idea infact. When the system tries to classify things on its own, it takes a lot of time to learn and may take years to perfect. Also some transactions, which are pretty normal for some people might be a luxury for a different person. So , an automated classification is bound to not make a cut with users. So, there is an excellent case for asking people to classify.

Liked the idea about how important this txn was…

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