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We’re all unique, and so are our financial goals. Share your aspirations, no matter how big or small. Ready to dream big and climb those financial peaks?


livin the life

You can select 2 options in the poll below :point_down:t4:

  • Retire at 50 :older_man:t2:
  • Buy a home :house:
  • Indulge in an expensive lifestyle :sparkles:
  • Invest for long term and then indulge life :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • Others :thinking:
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We’re all in this together, and by sharing, we can learn, grow, and support each other!


Invest for long term, buy a home with that money and retire at 50 :grin: and Indulge in an expensive lifestyle with remaining money :grinning:

Joke apart, like many, I too have inconsistent financial goals or targets. It keeps on changing :smile:
The present target is to save some money and to replace the current mobile which is almost 3 year old now


Dear sir thanks aap ne maill Kiya

@yagnesh01 it’s not a official Jupiter announcement, so no need to tag whole Jupiter community unless it’s necessary. Kindly don’t take it negatively. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I used to have this goal. But then my wife made me realise that I may have the money, but not the health or energy. What’s the point of having money is you can’t enjoy it?

So I think everything has to happen in parallel. Career, Life, Home, Travel, etc. It’s all about Balance. :slight_smile:

@alexnazy i still continue to pursue the goal and that to a certain extent helped us balance our financial goals and control overt spending


Yes. That’s a good strategy. :+1:

While I don’t keep “Invest for long term and then indulge life” as the ultimate aim, I do save a lot. Because in a way “Retire at 50” is kind of the same as the long term thing. At least I look at it this way.


Better life style (not overspending), visit places etc… along with saving and investing for the future :sweat_smile:


@Aswin_Benny pursue all of them. Having said that, focus on savings as well.

I’ll avoid getting philosophical


I just want to work in the areas of my interest and keep on earning and spending money on things i want.


Interesting Data that can be connected with the topic :v:t2:


3.5 crore out of 144 crore, i.e., a mere 2.6%

I read somewhere that in 1980, only 4.6% of US citizens owned mutual funds, which is comparable to the rate in India today, but this number increased to 48.6% over the next 20 years, during which time the US economy grew by leaps and bounds.

We are seeing a similar opportunity in India, where we are talking about doubling our economy in the next ten years.

Below is an article along the same lines. It is now up to the individual to decipher this.


Interesting read. Thanks for sharing @kingzeusvj. :+1:



Things will remain interesting till 2024 general elections anyways. What would be interesting is the outcome of the 5 state elections along with their impact