Emotional spending Vs Investment

In my opinion more than 90% of people are lured to emotional spending like buying clothes, gadgets and other luxury items when ideally are not required. Fit of moment buying should be avoided for long term investment benefits. I personally stopped this from long one year and my goal is to achieve financial independence in next 4 yrs. Just a piece of advice Save 10 when you cannot save 1. Your opinions please.


I agree. But we are human after all. We are attracted towards all things new and shiny.

Having said that whoever is able to control the urge to buy things/splurge today and save for tomorrow wins the long game.

Like the famous saying goes… If you spends on your wants today you’ll struggle to meet your needs tomorrow.

But I also take an advice given to me. All save and no fun is bad. For example, at age 60, you may have the money but not the health or energy for going around the world.

I guess we need to do financial planning for savings and leisure.


100% agree with this.
I started my investment journey 3 months ago.

Started off with FDs, then pots - for spare change.
I also deposit cashback/jewels into the pots.

Did you know, there’s a concept called ''Fun Money"? Kinda similar.