Unable to remove note- "sent from Jupiter"

While doing any UPI transaction using Jupiter app, even if you remove transaction note “Sent from Jupiter”(default). It won’t get remove, After transaction is successful you will that “Sent from Jupiter” message. I observed a long time ago, still it’s not fixed.

Only way to remove that message is, write something in note instead of blank. Ideally, it is supposed to be blank by default. “Sent from Jupiter” shouldn’t be there by default. Personally, I didn’t like this strategy, kindly keep it blank just like other banking apps.

@kirankiran10333 this is my assumption- it could be a marketing strategy to include that note in the narration.

Yeah it’s a marketing strategy, but when user removed it purposely, it supposed to get removed I guess.

iPhone has the same thing in its mail and while posting on Twitter (now X) by default. You can remove it by going into settings.

“Sent from my iPhone”

So yes. Definitely a marketing opportunity for Jupiter.

How about ‘Sent by ‘‘Name’’ from Jupiter’.??


I like this idea. :smiley: